ABS Project Steering Committee (PSC)

The project leadership is provided by the Project Steering Committee (PSC), whose responsibility it is to provide vision, general oversight and direction to the project. The PSC is the project clearing house and has the mandate to oversee operations and to develop and execute the ABS strategic thrusts. It sets the agenda for technology development, product development and enabling environment, monitors project stewardship, approves project milestone delivery, milestone re-negotiations, budget disbursements, training needs, patent filing as well as enforcement of all the grant conditions and the project policy.

The PSC holds two face-to-face meetings a year, and several tele-conferences In line with recommendations of two consecutive ABS External Advisory Board (EAB) annual meetings, the PSC membership was expanded in May 2009 from three representatives of the three lead consortium institutions (Pioneer, Africa Harvest and CSIR), to five members chosen from key ABS institutions. Currently, the members of the PSC include: Dr. Marc Albertsen (PI/Pioneer), Dr. Florence Wambugu (African Co-PI/Africa Harvest), Dr. Rachel Chikwamba (Member/CSIR Team Leader), Mr. Lloyd Le Page (Member/Pioneer) and Prof. Babatunde Obilana (Member/Independent Consultant).

  • Dr. Albertsen is a senior research fellow at DuPont business, Pioneer Hi-Bred. His 28 years of research and leadership experience at Pioneer in genetics, molecular biology, cytogenetics, crop breeding, cytology, and plant physiology have led to 26 publications, 29 abstracts, and 29 issued patents.
  • Dr. Wambugu is the Founder, Director and the Chief Executive Officer of Africa Harvest. She has served in several boards including Private Sector Committee of CGIAR, United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Hunger Task force; Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA); DuPont Biotech Advisory Panel, USA; International Plant Genetics Research Institute (IPGRI now, Bioversity) and the African Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum (ABSF). She is serving as a Council Member of the Japan Science and Technology in Society (STS) Forum, a Steering Committee Member of the European Action on Global Life Sciences (EAGLES) and a Science Board member of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenge in Global Health.
  • Dr. Chikwamba leads the Plant Biotechnology research group and is also a research Fellow with CSIR Biosciences. She also works as an adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of Pretoria. She is currently a member of the CSIR Strategic Research Panel.
  • Mr. Le Page is the Senior Manager for Technology Acceptance and Sustainable Development. He has extensive product deployment experience, seed business, marketing knowledge and agricultural development experience. He brings strong connections to the African Seed Trade Association (AFSTA) and the West African Seed Alliance (WASA).
  • Prof. Obilana is an Independent Development Consultant specializing in Grain and Feedstock end-user needs and Impact assessment. He started his career 40 years ago (1969 – 2008) in Cereal Breeding and utilization. He retired from ICRISAT in January 2004 and has since been a Consulting Expert in International Agricultural Development, Monitoring, Coordination; Evaluation and Research; Production, Commercialization through Processing and Utilization of Sorghum, Millets, Rice and Maize.
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