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The Public Acceptance and Communication (PAC) team directs the communication efforts with internal and external stakeholders to generate understanding and acceptance of the project especially in the areas where it will be deployed. They also provide communication support to other teams especially on project-related events.

PAC views the harmonization of messages within the consortium as a key driver towards enhancing the credibility and effectiveness of messages with the external audiences. This implies that members are aware of the facts and they are all able to communicate the same message to external stakeholders accurately. PAC uses talking points, electronic internal newsletters and internal communication training to reinforce these messages.
Project support to other project teams form an important part of the work that the PAC team does. For sensitive events,

PAC prepares an issues management strategy that foresees and prepares beforehand both positive and negative reactions to the event. This helps the project deal with an issue quickly before it becomes a concern or a crisis. They also provide communication training modules as part of other training sessions. Also, PAC conducts and supports other teams to accomplish surveys on target communities in various countries. These surveys are crucial in gathering information that feeds back into the project design to help make the project more relevant to the needs of the key stakeholders.

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