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As the ABS primary grantee, Africa Harvest provides the overall leadership and management of the ABS Project. However, to manage the complex and diverse interactions within the ABS consortium, Africa Harvest works through the Project Steering Committee (PSC), the projects top decision-making organ which provides vision, general oversight and direction to the project.

The PSC is composed of the Principal Investigator, Dr Marc Albertsen (Pioneer); the co-PI and Project Coordinator, Dr Florence Wambugu (Africa Harvest); Committee Members: Dr Rachel Chikwamba (CSIR), Mr. Lloyd Le Page (Pioneer) and Prof. Babatunde Obilana (Independent Sorghum Consultant). Dr Wambugu is the chairperson of the PSC and Drs Albertsen and Chikwamba focus on the technology development aspects while Mr. Le Page and Prof Obilana focus on the product development and enabling environment aspects.

The responsibility of day-to-day operations rests with the Project Manager, Dr Silas Obukosia, who is also the Regulatory Affairs Team Leader and Director of Regulatory Affairs at Africa Harvest. The project manager reports directly to the PSC and is involved in management, monitoring, and evaluation, facilitation of meetings, writing of reports and archiving the documentation for audits and posterity, and general enhancement of the inter-consortium synergies for the benefit of project delivery. Dr Obukosia leads a Team Leaders Management Group that represents team leaders from functional and institutional teams. They provide a platform though which decisions can be made and implemented as well as providing feedback to the ABS leadership. They meet twice a year during the planning meetings but often correspond in smaller group meeting and teleconferences.

The responsibility of project finance management rests with the Finance Team Leader, Mr. Michael Njuguna who is also the Director of Finance and Business Development at Africa Harvest. He has the responsibility of ensuring that all consortium members comply with the terms and conditions of the grant, facilitates disbursements, ensures that expenditure is according to the budget and manages the financial reporting and audit process.

External Advisory Board (EAB) is composed of world-class experts from various disciplines utilized in the project who provide independent advice on the project status and performance to the PSC. The functional areas of expertise represented include agri-biotechnology, biodiversity, nutrition, biotechnology regulations and biosafety, plant breeding, agricultural economics and public acceptance and communication. The EAB meets once a year after attending the end of year project planning workshop to review the progress made. This enables it to evaluate the project and give its advice through a report.

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