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For the full complement product, the ABS project has set the following performance:




Iron and Zinc Bioavailability*

-50% phytate reduction
-50% Iron bioavailability
-35% Zinc bioavailability

-Phytate reduced 35%
Caco-2 test confirmed increased Iron bioavailability on phytate reduction

Vitamin A*

20 micrograms per gram of beta-carotene

-Yellow sorghum endorsperm
- 6 micrograms per gram

Trait Stability


-Stable in 6 lines including 4 African lines
-Stable at least in 4 generations
-Stable as homozygous and hemizygous

* These targets have since been revised, based on data that gives more accurate indications of levels that are reachable, based on the limitation of biology. The new target levels are: Fe and Zn bioavailability increase by 20%, Phytate reduction by 80%, and beta-carotene increase to 6 microgram per gram from undetectable.

NB: When the ABS project began, targets were set to achieve improved protein quality and protein digestibility. All targets for protein quality improvement were achieved. With respect to protein digestibility, the technology team achieved the set goal of no decrease in protein digestibility as a result of cooking.
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