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Creating an Enabling Environment for the ABS Project

The enabling environment team provides solutions that ensure the Technology and Product development teams to advance the science successfully. It is comprised of professionals from science and non-science backgrounds that create the environment in which the research and development work can function and also prepare the ground for engagement with different stakeholders.

The Project Management and Coordination team provide overall leadership to the consortium and manage its operational aspects. They leadership team establishes project policies and maintains the diverse relationships between individuals and institutions. The team also handles financial disbursements, monitoring and auditing processes. The project also has an External Advisory Board that provides strategic advice to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the project. The Regulatory and Biosafety team provides oversight of the regulatory process for the ABS product.

They ensure that the science complies with international and national regulations and best practices that govern agricultural research and that the research and development is conducted safely with no harm to the environment. They are involved with environmental risk assessment and safety, research and knowledge building on gene flow, biosafety permit applications and other related issues. The Public Acceptance and Communication directs the communication efforts with internal and external stakeholders to generate understanding and acceptance of the project especially in the areas where it will be deployed.

They are involved in the production of various communication materials, maintenance of the project website and are the focal point for any external enquiries on the project. They are also involved in hosting events and exhibitions as well as supporting public surveys and community engagement activities. The Intellectual Property Management Group manages all the intellectual property (IP) aspects within the project. They ensure that the consortium members have the freedom to operate all the IP utilised within the project and protect any new IP developed by the project to enable it to be freely accessible by the public. Also, they ensure that the project complies with its principles, this being the Charitable Objective and the Global Access Strategy.

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