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Leadership and skills development of upcoming and established scientist is a critical objective of the project. Several masters and post doctorate scientists have travelled to Pioneer Hi-Bred facilities in Johston, Iowa for further training in both laboratory and field activities. Also, several established scientists have attended workshops and short courses to revise or enhance their skills.

The cross functional teams also undergo strategic planning and review sessions where both scientists and professionals from other disciplines share knowledge and experiences that sharpen the skill levels across the whole group. Furthermore, the English-French language difference has improved the wealth of ideas within the consortium and enhanced the flexibility of the project to cope with cultural diversity. Both formal and informal processes have impacted the careers of over 70 scientists involved in the project.

Some of the capacity building initiatives are highlighted in the table below;

Young masters and doctoral scientists trained through the project
  • Luke Mehlo – genetic transformation
  • Andile Grootboom – genetic transformation
  • Getu Beyenne – genetic transformation
  • Kenneth Mburu – genetic transformation
  • Joel Mutisya-Genetic transformation
  • Mahama Ouedraogo – genetic transformation
  • Nokthula Vilakati – nutritional profiling and surveys
  • Joseph Anyango – nutritional profiling
  • Nompumelelo Mkhonza-genetic transformation

Experienced scientists enhancing their skills in various disciplines

  • Nemera Shargie – novel breeding techniques
  • Charlotte Mienie – high throughput genetic marker techniques
  • Mahamadi Ouedraogo – breeding techniques
  • Mary Mgonja – novel breeding techniques
  • Clarisse Barro – novel breeding techniques
  • Silas Obukosia – regulatory systems
  • Clement Kamau – novel breeding techniques
  • Blaise Kabore – regulatory affairs
  • Bosibori Bett-food safety analysis
  • Nompumelelo Mkhonza-Food safety

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